Welcome to the Dukes’ Book Club @ DCLI!

If you’re here, you love reading, so welcome!

The Dukes’ Book Club @DCLI is only one of our programs here at DCLI

Make sure that you stop by and ask us where you can find the book “Separate” and about DCLI’s upcoming legal research sessions (for 1L students).

The DCLI team

When you stop by DCLI, say hello to Amy, Chuck, Rick, and Dana. If you stop by on weekends, make sure you say hello to Rick. In addition, there are 11 students who work with us helping you find what you need in the library.

The ACLI team

In addition to our services, if you want to know what the Allegheny County library has to offer, make sure you go and visit them on the 9th floor in the County Building.